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There are a lot of awesome inventions and neat stuff you can buy online. Some are badass, others are innovative but most are well… weird, but hey we don’t judge.

If you’re the kind of spender who shops based on how funny, cute or creepy a merchandise is then read no further and checkout these interesting collections. The popular (pop culture) section is also here, so what are you waiting for?

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Are you trying to impress someone and want find the coolest gift of all time?

While we can’t promise you anything, our legendary list of one of a kind gifts for men, women, kids, babies, couples and even pets will make your shopping life a lot easier. This is the page to find all sorts of awesome stuff and unique gift ideas your hard-earned dirty mulah can buy.

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A one of a kind website filled with all sorts of awesome products, weird stuff, interesting things, and unique inventions available and sometimes unavailable online. We only curate the best and most attention grabbing shit money can buy. If you are looking for legendary gifts, out of the norm novelty products or super cool new gadgets to spend your cash on, you have found the right place!