14 Must-Have Caddyshack Gopher Products for the Ultimate Fan

“Gophers, ya great git! Not golfers! The little brown furry rodents!”

One of the most iconic characters in the 80s cinema is the hilarious gopher from Caddyshack. Ultimate fans of this movie series love their collectibles and other miscellaneous gear to celebrate their fandom. 

Yes, the gopher is a beloved and most memorable part of Caddyshack. Full of mischief while still looking adorable, the gopher will forever be a part of comedy history. This is a comprehensive list of 14 of the coolest must-haves that any ultimate fan needs to have.

No collection is complete without many of these awesome items.

Funko Pop! Caddyshack Gopher Toy "Flocked" Target Exclusive

Who doesn’t love a Funko?

This popular brand comes out with new and high-quality collectibles all the time. In this case, you get the adorable gopher showing off his sass in a way that only Funko can accomplish.

You can be a Funko collector or a Caddyshack ultimate fan, this is an item that you need to have in your home. The gopher figure is a limited flocked version (Target Exclusive) and stands about 3 ¾ inches, with the typical display box that you typically see with the Funko brand products.

Be sure to add this touch of adorable sass to your collection.

Official Caddy Shack Dancing Gopher Plush Toy

We all know that the gopher’s iconic dancing is one of the things that make him so special.

This adorable toy sings Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright” as he shows off his hilariously adorable dance moves. It uses 4 AA batteries and the button is easily accessed at the foot of the gopher.

You could either just display this gopher on the shelf or play with it whenever you want to enjoy a good laugh. Even without batteries, you’ll get a lot of joy from this product. 

No matter what you want to do with this toy, this is an absolute must-have for any ultimate fan’s collection.

Caddyshack Inspired Gopher Golf Club Headcover

Are you a golfer and a Caddyshack die-hard fan? 

Made for 460cc drivers, this golf club headcover products your precious clubs from getting scuffed or scratched in your bag.

You spend a lot of money on your clubs, so it’s important to make sure that they are protected. With these gopher head covers, you can show off your fandom and add a touch of personality as you hit the golf course.

The headcover is made from quality plush materials that offer the right amount of fun and protection for your clubs that.

You’ll be the talk of the course with these covers.

Caddyshack Alternative "Pesky Gopher" Movie Poster

Whether you have a space that is made for all of your awesome collectibles or you just like funky décor for your space, any ultimate fan needs this cool alternative movie poster.

The poster is a handmade element, which can come in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of your space. It is printed out in a matte finish on 175 gsm fine art paper. When you order this product, it is made to order and shipped out quickly.

Give your space the special touch that this unique piece has to offer while showing off your Caddyshack fandom.

(Almost Caddyshack Gopher) Groundhog Costume

While this is a groundhog costume, this costume also bears a strong resemblance to the beloved Caddyshack gopher.

The costume itself is manufactured in America using a unique and specialized process with only the highest quality materials. It’s also made from lightweight materials, so you don’t feel too heavy when you wear it.

It is soft to the touch and is crafted from durable materials. You’ll love this costume for a Halloween party or other costume party, allowing you to show off your Caddyshack fandom.

This is an ultimate fan necessity that you need to have for any occasion.

Caddyshack Inspired Gopher Golf Club Headcover

Every golf course should have a representation of this iconic little character. That’s why there are several gopher headcovers that you can choose from.

Created from plush materials, these club covers have a clipping system that is unique to the brand to attach it to the clubs. 

You can not only protect your expensive clubs from the usual damage that can occur while in the golf bag, but you can display a lot of character and personality as well.

The biggest Caddyshack fan and golfer must have this adorable golf club headcover. This is exactly what any golfer and gopher fan needs.

Hallmark Caddyshack A Dynamite Gopher Christmas Ornament

Hallmark is known for their keepsake ornaments. One addition to this popular collection is this hilarious gopher ornament.

This ornament reenacts one of the most hilarious moments from the movie.

The item is a perfect gift during the holidays. It’s something that any Caddyshack ultimate fan is going to love on their Christmas tree, showing off their fandom and their holiday cheer.

Don’t want to put it on the tree? This can still be a great item to have on display in the home or kept in its box and put into your Caddyshack collection.

This is an ornament that will definitely attract the attention of any guest to your home.

Caddyshack Inspired Gopher Plays and Dances “I'm Alright” Stuffed Animal

Standing at about 14 inches, you get the delightful experience of reliving the hilarious and absolutely cute gopher dance that made him so popular.

This particular product has the gopher not only dancing but also plays “I’m Alright” while he dances. It’s soft to the touch and incredibly adorable.

You may get a lot of laughs out of playing this whenever you want. Even when not singing and dancing, you’ll love having this stuffed animal in your collection just because of how adorable it will look on your shelf.

This is a perfect addition to any Caddyshack collection.

Funko Pop! Caddyshack Gopher Pez

What’s better than a stylish Pez dispenser? A Funko Pop! Pez dispenser.

Pez dispensers are inexpensive collectible items that fans of all types love to have in their collection.

For the Caddyshack ultimate fan, you are going to love the look of this Pez. This is a unique item that fits right into your movie or Caddyshack collection.

Pez dispensers do come in a box where you can leave it on display while keeping it protected. Or, you can decide to take it out of the box to display it.

There’s also the option of using it, but that may not be the best idea for the avid collector.

Caddyshack Gopher Beach Towel

Just because you’re at the beach, that doesn’t mean you can’t show off how much of an ultimate Caddyshack fan you are.

This Caddyshack gopher beach towel is an officially licensed product that is made from high-quality 100% cotton. Even if you aren’t necessarily a beach or pool fan, this can still be an excellent piece to add to your awesome collection.

The towel, which features such a hilarious and iconic moment from the movie, is 30 x 60 inches in size. Factory Entertainment, the manufacturer of these towels, is known for creating quality merchandise for fans. 

Hallmark Caddyshack Groovy Gopher Solar Motion Ornament

While the other Caddyshack Hallmark keepsake ornament featured the iconic dynamite gopher scene, the 2016 edition of the keepsake is a solar motion ornament that any ultimate fan needs for their tree.

The ornament features the gopher peeking out of his hole in the mischievous manner that made fans fall in love with him when they first saw the movie. This novelty ornament was built to last and makes for the perfect gift for any Caddyshack fan.

It’s also a great addition if you just want to keep it safely in the box and add it to your current collection.

Caddyshack Inspired Dancing Gopher Mallet Putter Cover

Who says that mallet putter protectors need to be boring?

This dancing gopher mallet putter cover was designed to fill all types of mallet putters. You can easily attach and detach this cover whenever you need to, ensuring that your putter stays as safe as possible. 

What makes this even better is that the putter cover features the adorably mischievous Caddyshack gopher. This is a unique and stylish product that serves a function.

Every Caddyshack fan whole loves to go golfing absolutely needs to invest in this putter cover. You’ll love this quality and be happy that your putter is protected.

Freeze Gopher! Caddy Shack Golf T-Shirt

Do you want to wear your love of the Caddyshack gopher when you leave the house?

You can either wear this shirt or hang it up in your collectible space, proudly displaying your gopher love.

The t-shirt is a high-quality cotton tee that is free of tags so you can be comfortable and stylish. Plus, this was such an iconic scene from the movie that you’ll love to walk around with this tee that can be a conversation starter.

You want a quality shirt that will last, especially when it’s a novelty shirt as awesome as this one.

Bill Murray Autographed Caddyshack Photograph "Au Revoir Gopher!"

This Bill Murray autographed color Caddyshack photograph features the comedic legend as he comes face to face to this troublesome gopher.

As far as collectibles go, this is an absolute must-have for your collectible space. This is a rare piece that will really add something special to your space, whether it’s a room to show off your collectibles or a conversation piece in your living room.

Here is an art piece that features a ridiculously hilarious scene from this iconic sports comedy. This autographed piece can be a perfect gift for any Caddyshack lover, including yourself.

Which of these items is going to be your first purchase? These are high-quality items that will let you celebrate all gopher-related things that show off your love for this memorable comedy film. Whether you want to have Funko gophers to store on the shelves or want a dancing gopher to amuse you whenever you want, there’s something for everyone on this list.

You’re going to want all of these items if you are a true ultimate fan.