61 Disturbingly Creepy Things For Sale Online

Brace yourself for some unnecessary hair-raising moments in your life as you look around this blood-curdling list of creepy stuff you can buy on the web, made up of scary and eerie products designed to induce some spiritual discomfort and psychological pain. 

Zombi Flamingo Halloween Decoration Lawn Backyard Weird Stuff to Buy Undead Bird

Zombie Flamingo

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to get the Zombie Flamingo. While most of your neighbors decorate their lawn with pink Flamingos, you can be the...
Rhubarb Gusokumushi White Nature Inspired Design iPhone Case Weird Japanese Novelty Inventions

Rhubarb Gusokumushi iPhone Case

If you are looking for a weird and unique casing for your beloved mobile device then you better checkout Rhubarb Gusokumushi iPhone Case in Japan whi...
Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter Stamper Cute Halloween Voodoo Doll Dessert

Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter/Stamper

The dark side can be oh so tempting just like these voodoo dolls made with the Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter/Stamper. All it takes is just one cookie ...
Wintercroft Fox Mask Cool Buy Unique Party Costume

Wintercroft Fox Mask

Did you suddenly have the random urge to frolic in the woods but can't find the perfect disguise? Have you heard about the mysterious Fox Mask? It is...
Fred Lunch Bugs Ziplock Sandwich Bags Funny Harmless Prank

Fred Lunch Bugs Ziplock Sandwich Bags

Enjoying your delicious homemade sandwich meal at work is just a dream when some of your co-workers are always stealing your lunch. Unless... You use...
Minecraft Steve & Creeper Head Costume Cool and Simple Cosplay Idea

Minecraft Steve & Creeper Head Costume

A lot of boring adults complain that the Minecraft Steve & Creeper Head Costumes are just a bunch of overpriced pixelated creepy 12" boxes. What they...