40 Cutest Fuzzy Animal House Slippers on Amazon

So cute and comfy that a large dose of warm-fuzzies is guaranteed

Be warned, these slippers are SUPER cute and you’re likely to get the warm-fuzzies just looking at them. We’re going to try and tell you a bit about each of them so you don’t have too hard a time choosing just one pair.

We all know how good it feels when you kick off your shoes at the end of a long hard day and put on your favorite slippers. You can almost feel the serotonin and dopamine telling your body its time to chillax. Imagine that feeling. A warm-fuzzy that has you feeling like you’re on top of Cloud 9. Now, imagine giving those neurotransmitters a little help that catapults you straight to heaven.

That’s exactly what every single one of these cute and comfy slippers does. They put those warm-fuzzies on steroids. Guaranteed!

Fuzzy Rainbow Unicorn House Slippers

What more could a girl want than having two, fluffy rainbow unicorns with golden horns in her life? A pair of slippers with cloud-like lining and plush padding that are cozy, warm and durable? These cuties have a slip-resistant sole, great arch support and are machine washable. Unicorns do grant wishes after all.

Happy Feet Sloth Animal House Slippers

Whether you’re 5 or 105 sloth mode will be activated as soon as your feet slip into these super soft slippers and see the two cutest sloths ever staring up at you. They have a 1” memory foam rubber sole with a no-skid bottom in case you need to move around. If napping is your superpower then these fluffy sloth slippers are just for you.

Happy Feet Cute Elephant Animal Slippers

You’ll be as happy as an elephant splashing in a mud pool when you put on these house slippers. They’re big, fluffy and conform to the shape of your feet. With 1″ foam rubber sole and a no-skid bottom, it’s like walking on pillows that don’t slip. And yes, relax, they’re available in adult sizes too.

Comfy Lamb Animal House Slippers

These sleepy little lambs are so soft and fluffy you’ll make sure they go everywhere you do.  Cute and comfy, with an inner lining that is designed to gently stimulate your feet as you move around in them, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated and relaxed in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. These house slippers are a fabulously fun treat for your feet.

Cute Fuzzy Cat House Slippers

Cuter than Hello Kitty these piebald fat cat slippers will steal any cat lovers’ heart. Not only are they cute and fluffy, but they also have a soft lining and plush insole that’ll make your feet feel as cozy as a cat in a summer sunbeam. They’re available in all sizes and really are the cat’s meow.

Green Dinosaur Animal Feet with Claw Slippers

These funky green slippers are every dinosaur lovers’ delight. Not only are they fun to wear, they also provide all the craziest comfort and a solid grip you need in a house slipper. Kids and adults love them. Luckily, they’re easy to wash too. Pop them in the washing machine and you’ll have your claws back before you can say Dinoslippersaurus.

Fuzzy Highland Cattle “Scottish Cow” Slippers

The authenticity of these gorgeous Highland Cattle is incredible. They have woolly, wavy, ginger coats, fuzzy tails, long horns,  floppy ears, and the cutest muzzles. Their warm brown eyes peek out through extra shaggy fur and steal your heart. They’re plush, pillowy and soft with full-foot coverage to keep your feet snug as a Highland cow in a barn.

Blue Chomping Shark Animal Plush Slippers

There is such a thing as a cute shark and these jaw-some plush slippers prove it. Super cool and super comfy, these slippers are super fun too…they actually chomp while you walk! They’re the perfect gift for shark lovers and are said to make watching Shark Week 100% more fun. Most people who buy these slippers get hooked for life.

Orange Duck Foot Animal House Slippers

These cute slippers are sure to get a smile out of everyone. They’re great for dress-up parties, fun for your kids and easier to walk in than you’d think. These soft slippers have a padded footbed that’s as soft as a cushion but still offers good support. The full-foot coverage makes them snug and cozy, especially when it’s good weather for ducks.

Fuzzy Siberian Husky Puppy Dog Slippers

Have you ever snuggled a Husky? Wearing these soft, furry Husky slippers will give you some idea of how it feels. The authentic detail of the pointed ears, bushy tails, bright blue eyes and big soft paws is adorable. The ears even have that tuft of black fur in them! These slippers will keep you warm on the coldest of Siberian nights.

Cute Cartoon Pink Pig House Slippers

These plush piggy slippers are perfect for men and women who want a pair of cute animal slippers that aren’t too OTT. The premium fleece fabric is soft against the skin, lightweight and comfy. The insole is padded with memory foam making them super cozy and the slip-resistant rubber sole means you can even wear them outdoors.

Adorable Welsh Corgi Puppy Dog Slippers

Cuteness for Corgi lovers. These Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are just as cute as real ones. They’re also comfy! An ultra-comfortable foam footbed cushions and supports your feet, traction dots on the soles prevent slipping and the expression on their faces keeps you smiling. These slippers come in adult sizes only and are perfect for anyone who is crazy about corgis.

Pink Unicorn Slippers

These are the cutest, pinkest, sparkliest, fluffiest Unicorn slippers. They’re soft and plush with elastic at the top for comfort and have slip-resistant outsoles to keep the princess wearing them on her feet. And of course, a Unicorn slipper wouldn’t be complete without a bit of magic. The eyes of these Unicorns will light up as your princess prances around.

Grizzly Bear Animal Paw and Claw Slippers

Beary bouncy house slippers with a padded footbed and snug fit. These paws will keep your feet warm and cozy whether you’re lounging around your den or partying at a teddy bear’s picnic. The textured soles on these soft slippers have traction dots to give you a monstrous grip. Loved by wild ones everywhere!

Plush Grey Bunny Animal Slippers

Bunny lovers beware… you’re going to HAVE to buy these slippers. They’re the real deal with the softest fur and a sole that cuddles your feet. The big bunny ears and chubby cheeks complete their cuteness. They have a memory foam sole, are anti-slip and available in grey, brown, pink and rainbow color. Available in all bunny lover sizes.

Happy Feet Novelty Horse Slippers

Horse lovers will be champing at the bit to get their hands on a pair of these cozy slippers. They’re the cutest horses leaping in mid-air and carrying your feet with them. Happy Feet slippers are big and fluffy and conform to the shape of your feet. There will be lots of horsing around with these slippers in the house.

Blue Whale Animal House Slippers

You’ll have a whale of a time in these cute blue whale slippers. They’re made out of imported machine washable moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your feet warm and dry. They have soft mute soles that absorb sound and won’t scratch your floors. These are house slippers definitely worth making a big splash about.

Black and White Panda House Slippers

Treat your feet to a bit of Panda love with these adorable slippers. The cotton fabric lining keeps your feet warm and snug and the cushioned cotton outsole is as comfy as a cloud. Everyone loves a Panda. They are the cutest bears. So, these guys make the perfect gift. They’ll bring joy to toddlers and grannies and everyone in between.

Novelty Red Panda Animal Slippers

You’re going to want a pair of these for the whole family. Cuter than cute Red Pandas chillaxing on your feet. They’re also warmer than warm, soft, cuddly and easy to wash. They are made from high-quality materials like the EVA foam padding in the anti-slip soles and the robust, tear-proof booties. Wait until you see the smile on your face!

Cute Gray Fox Animal Slippers

Fabulous foxy house slippers that are as comfortable as they are pretty. The superior soft fleece fabric inside and out relaxes your feet after a long hard day and the anti-slip dots absorb noise and protect your floors. These are the perfect slippers for women of all ages. Wearing them will have you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time.

Fuzzy Green Turtle Animal Slippers

Cowabunga these are cute slippers. They look exactly like genuine turtles from the tips of their flippers to the underside of their shells. The plush faux fur upper fits snugly around your feet and the cushioned footbed provides support.  Slip these on to relax and slow down. You’ll be feeling as self-contained a turtle in no time.

Bulldog Puppy Animal Slippers

These faux-fur bulldog puppies are too cute for words. They’re soft and silky inside and out. The inner fleece lining keeps your feet warm and dry and the textured sole offers great traction. These beautiful boys come complete with the signature bulldog wrinkles and the petulant, but cute, expression that only bulldogs have. An excellent gift for the boys and men in your life.

Spider Halloween House Slippers

These not-so-scary soft and fluffy spider slippers are excellent for a novelty gift. They’re so cute that even an arachnophobe might like them. They have a plush upper, are a full-foot fit and lined with cotton that keeps out the cold. They’re nice and lightweight and easy to walk in. Be warned that small dogs either love them or hate them.

Adorable Moose Animal Home Slippers

The Moose is one of the moost popular animal slippers across all generations. The soft furry exterior, padded footbed and snuggly cotton lining keep your feet warm, snug and comfy. The moose’s antlers and facial expressions are delightful and their derrières are rather cute too. They make an excellent gift for the whole family.

Light Up White Unicorn Plush Slippers

Whether you’re a little girl, a crazy teen or a woman who still has a little bit of princess in you, you’re going to love these overstuffed, ultra-plush slippers. You’ll feel like all your wishes will be granted when you swan around in these beauties. Unicorns with pastel rainbow manes, a shimmering gold horn and battery-powered rainbow lights. Yes, these Unicorns do exist.

Happy Feet Orange Striped Cat Slippers

Orange Tabby cats are known for their loving and friendly personalities. They’re also known for their love of napping, eating and resting. You’re going to feel like doing exactly that when you slip your feet into these big fluffy felines. It’s a full-foot slipper so your feet will be as warm as a napping cat. These are the purr-fect slippers for any cat lover.

Fuzzy Pink Flamingo Animal Slippers

Put your foot down and insist on buying these fluffy pink flamingo slippers. The blend of quality materials and the soft padded footbed make this one of the warmest and most comfortable house slippers you’ll ever wear. Furry on the outside and fleecy on the inside your feet will feel flamazing as soon as you slip them on.

Comfy Leopard Print Animal House Slippers

No need to change these leopard print slippers’ spots. They’re perfect just the way they are. In fact, they are so super-comfy and gorgeously glamorous that you’ll never want to take them off. Golden whisker hearts add the finishing touch and the cushioned memory foams are perfect for padding around after a long day at the office.

Cute Black and White Cow Plush Slippers

You’ll be jumping over the moon when you feel how comfortable these cute black and white cow slippers are. The soft plush upper and warm cotton lining keep your feet warm and snug and the cushioned cotton sole with anti-slip dots offers comfort and protection. You certainly won’t be trading these cow slippers for a handful of beans.

Cartoon Schnauzer Dog House Slippers

Every Schnauzer lover in the world needs a pair of these house slippers. The other Schnauzer’s in the family may, or may not, allow them in the house. They’re stylish, look just like their living counterparts, and are made from plush fuzzy fabric that is soft to the touch. They’re lightweight with a cushioned sole and are super-comfy. Check them out.

Fuzzy Giraffe Animal Slippers

Who would have thought that a Giraffe could be so cute? These giraffe slippers certainly are. And, even without a long neck, the animals on these slippers are very definitely giraffes. Really cute giraffes. The fleecy lining is so soft you’re not going to want to take them off and the padded sole makes you feel like you’re walking on air.

Adorable White Bunny Animal Slippers

These are the classic white bunny slippers that celebrities love to wear. The Jenner girls, Mylie Cyrus, Lady Gaga and at least one of the Spice Girls have a pair. They’re perfect for lounging with their comfortable, cushioned footbed and fluffy exterior. The lining is luxuriously smooth and cozy keeping your tootsies toasty. Unleash your inner rock star with a pair of these cute classics.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Slippers

Cute Christmas slippers that keep your feet warm, your spirits high and add to the festive fun. They’re super soft with a thick cozy cotton upper and a plush padded insole that will keep you comfortable all day. Rudolph is at his cutest and his tartan covered antlers are a stylish touch.  These slippers are a must for all mothers at Christmas.

Cute Llama Animal Animal Slippers

The best thing about these gorgeous llama slippers is the quality of the sole. It is water-resistant, anti-slip, absorbs noise and won’t scratch your floors. You can comfortably wear them indoors and outdoors. They’re made from a warm cotton fleece very similar to the fluffy fur of a llama and have high top ankles to keep in the warmth.

Novelty White Chicken Plush Slippers

After running around like a chicken without a head all day these white chicken slippers will provide your feet with much-needed relief. Super-soft plush fabric on the outside and short plush on the inside provides maximum comfort and keeps your feet warm and cozy. The thick, non-slip rubber soles are waterproof and provide great support. Life is definitely better with these chickens around.

Cartoon Gorilla Plush Slippers

Fun and functional is what these groovy gorilla slippers are. The plush upper features a gorilla with a huge gigantic grin and a fuzzy body that feels like real fur. A soft cotton lining keeps your feet warm and the cotton outsole has great traction. These gladsome gorilla slippers will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Narwhal Animal House Slippers

In addition to the soft and luxurious plush finish, these Narwhal Slippers have gentle USB-powered heat to keep your feet super cozy. The 57″ detachable USB cable plugs effortlessly into your PC, Mac or any USB port giving you loads of room to stretch out while you warm up. Each charge gives you 4-6 hours of toasty tootsies.

Brown Teddy Bear Face Animal Slippers

Forget about your worries and your cares in these cozy ultra-cushioned, soft sole slippers. These friendly, fluffy forest bear slippers are so adorable with the little ears and goofy smile that you’re guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies. The memory foam footbed and gripped outer sole will have you lazing about or dancing for hours.

Fuzzy Hamster Animal House Slippers

If you’re one of those people who love hamsters more than people, you’ll definitely want a pair of these cute 3D hamster slippers. The thick wool-like uppers and soft, cozy lining and cushioned inner sole make them super comfy. These are the perfect slippers to slip into whenever you get a chance to jump off the hamster wheel.

Rainbow Caticorn Novelty Plush Slippers

Just when you thought things couldn’t get cuter! Take a look at these adorable fluffy rainbow Caticorn slippers for kids. Made of high-quality plush fabric these cutie-pies are ultra-soft, warm and comfy! Absolutely meowgical and, sadly, available in kids sizes only. Buy these as a gift and make a little girl’s wish come true.

Well, there you have it. 40 of the cutest animal slippers. And there are loads more! You’re going to find the perfect match (or two) for everyone you know. There really is something for everyone. Slippers are special. They make you feel special. This is why they make such great gifts. They’re affordable and the joy they bring is worth every penny.  So, treat yourself, treat your feet or treat a friend. Giving gives you the warm-fuzzies too!