75 Cool Badass Hoodies For Guys

A Modern Man’s Guide to Boosting His Masculinity with a Badass Hoodie

Hold on to your dumbbells as we present to you this awesome list of badass hoodies for guys that will turn even the sissiest of sissies into a full-fledged arm-flexing, beard-growing man!

During its younger days, the hoodie was just another utilitarian type of clothing designed to keep one’s head nice and warm. But after catching a glimpse of the spotlight in the Hip Hop scene back in the ’70s, the hoodie took on a life of its own and shattered into different kinds of crazy and interesting styles.

On this list, we will give you a taste of its manly man testosterone-filled personality.

It is about time you slip on your big boy hoodie and radiate with a Chuck Norris-like blinding aura of masculinity.

Manly Faux and Leather Hoodies

If you are not into bold graphics or loud statements, a faux or leather hoodie might be the perfect option for you. It’s got just the right blend of ruggedness and clean luxurious feel. 

Retro Zip-Up Jacket with Removable Hood

Be stylishly rugged outdoors with a Retro Zip-Up Jacket with Removable Hood, black faux leather hoodie. The outfit features 4 pockets for all your devices, flexible cuffs for heat preservation and a removable hood for another fresh look.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Removable Hood

Designed to be splashproof and windproof, the Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Removable Hood is a good all-around motorcycle outdoor hoodie. It has a clean stand-collar style, side pockets and comes in brown, black and coffee color. 

Harley-Davidson Swingarm 3-in-1 Leather Jacket Hoodie

The Harley-Davidson Swingarm 3-in-1 Leather Jacket Hoodie is made of midweight cowhide leather. This is a 2-piece hoodie and leather jacket combo that features body armor pockets, reflective graphics, and a 5-year limited warranty.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

Show off your rugged manly aura with the help of the Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood. This hoodie has 7 pockets for all your tools and adjustable cuffs that greatly preserve body heat. It also has an inner rib stand collar design, so it still looks good even without the hood.

Zip-Up Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

There is only one question you ask yourself before buying the Zip-Up Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood, do I get it in black or brown? This cool bomber is weatherproof, versatile, practical, stylish and comfortable. What else can you ask for?

Rebellious Biker Hoodies

Motorcycles, violence, and skulls predominantly make up what biker hoodies are all about. And just like a good old battle-tested biker gang, these hoodies are overflowing with aggressiveness and strong attitude.

Live Fast Die Free Zip-Up Hoodie

Need to wear something warm while fixing your bike? Try on this Live Fast Die Free Zip-Up Hoodie. The design includes a grinning helmeted eye-patched skull with the words “Born to Ride Die with Pride” and wrenches on the sides.

Heathen Nation Chief Pullover Hoody

The Heathen Nation Chief Pullover Hoody in bold black and white gives off a tribal pride feel with its Indian chief skull graphic. It features a skull wearing an intricate feather headgear with a black cross pin on its bandanna. 

Hooligan Life Street Racing Hooded Top

If you like street racing then you are going to love the Hooligan Life Street Racing Hooded Top. It has got that tough old school feel to it; a skull, mechanical parts and that heart-warming phrase that says ” tattooed muther fucker”.

Speed And Gasoline Bone Head Hoodie

Keep things simple, direct and badass with the Speed And Gasoline Bone Head Hoodie. The bold crisp grinning skull inside a circle with clear strong letters in good old pure white will never fail to get your message across.

Heathen Death Before Dishonor Hoodie

Never enter a gut-wrenching knife fight without a Heathen Death Before Dishonor Hoodie on. You are sure to fight in style in this 80/20 pullover hoodie and its vicious knife-style cross bone design in white, red and black.

Legendary Japanese Tattoo Hoodies

Express your formidable yakuza aura in the form of awesome symbolic inked artwork. Inspired by Japan’s rich cultural history, these hoodies are full of cool characters with legendary stories to tell.

Samurai Akita Dog and Dragon Hoodie

Honor and loyalty best describe the Samurai Akita Dog and Dragon Hoodie. This outfit has a full print design dominated by blue and sepia colors. It is has a baggy fit and was printed using waterbased ecological ink. 

Forest Dragons Grey Pullover Hoodie

The Forest Dragons Grey Pullover Hoodie’s design is something that is straight out of a gnarly tattoo parlor in Japan. The graphic involves a blue and gold scaled horned dragons, intertwined and just about ready to devour whoever is staring at your back.

Samurai Shiba Dog and Lotus Flower Hoodie

This Samurai Shiba Dog and Lotus Flower Hoodie is 80% cotton, 20% polyester and 100% Kick-ass! It features a giant golden lotus on its back, two valiant samurai Shiba Inus at the front and intricate an design all over the body.

Samurai and Dragon White Hoodie Sweatshirt

Epic line art on a thick warm 100% cotton sweater is what you will get with the Samurai and Dragon White Hoodie Sweatshirt. The whole design is dominated by lotus flowers with a menacing samurai on its front paired with a vicious dragon at the back.

Samurai Mask and Water Dragon Hoodie

Filled with awesome colorful artwork, this Samurai Mask and Water Dragon Hoodie is on a level of its own. Definitely a showstopper with its mean-looking warrior on the front; water, and koi on the sides and a fearsome water dragon at the back.

Gnarly Costume Hoodies

Hooded and hood costumes are an absolute must-have for men who like to party with a hint of mystery. Ideal for Halloween, costume parties and Comic-Con events.

Warrior's Medieval Hood

This Warrior’s Medieval Hood is a must-have accessory for rangers, knights and assassins. It is lightweight but still gives ample of protection from the sun. Available in a myriad of colors and is made of 100% linen. This hood also goes well with most medieval helmets.

Assassin's Creed Hoodie

Do you think you are ready to rock on a custom Assassin’s Creed Hoodie costume? Make sure your wallet is also prepared since everything will be custom made just for you, from intricate buttoned shoulder pads up to embossed leather arm guards; your imagination and mulah is the limit.

The Executioner Hooded Robe

Have you ever wanted to wear your nightmare? This custom made Executioner Hooded Robe might just do the trick for you. Made from 100% hair-raising layers of grunge and distressed heavy-duty fabrics, it is sure to haunt the dreams of everyone you meet on the street. There is also an option to use leather materials.

Tactical Urban Military Hoodie

Shopping for badass post-apocalyptic clothing can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have the Tactical Urban Military Hoodie for your futuristic dystopian society needs. It has got everything you will ever want; a life-saving urban camouflage pattern, accessible side pockets and an easy to reach ergonomically angled zipper coming from the top.

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Hooded Coat

Gamers are going to have a blast with the Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Hooded Coat. It’s black, it’s sleek and made of vegan leather. The kick-ass outfit also comes with silver-colored beads and features an extended shoulder padding and that signature bubble-shaped hood. 

Menacing Skull Hoodies

Representing death, the skull always had that strange allure surrounding it, with a dreaded tone that attracts the likes of gangs, criminals, heavy metal bands and of course good old pirates.

Skull with Glowing Eyes Hoodie

Go casual-gangsta with a black baggy Skull with Glowing Eyes Hoodie. The graphic features a huge textured skull with glowing blue laser eyes coupled with colorful abstract paint splatters on the background. Cool, intimidating and artistic, all at the same time.

3D Printed Dark Skull Hooded Sweatshirt

Have an army of jawless skulls right on your hoodie with the 3D Printed Dark Skull Hooded Sweatshirt. This outfit is made of 100% polyester, includes a matching black drawstring, sturdy double-lined hood and is available in five different sizes.

Indian Chief Skull Hoodie

Being badass in white might be a little hard to pull off, but not if you are wearing this Indian Chief Skull Hoodie. It features a huge Indian chief skull with glowing red eyes staring directly to whoever is in front of you with some colorful paint splatters, you know to brighten up the mood.

Skull Pattern Sweatshirt Hoodie

You know that you just can’t get enough skulls when you are rocking a Skull Pattern Sweatshirt Hoodie. This premium apparel features a vibrant all-over print of grey grinning skulls from the bottom side pockets all the way to the top of the hood. Available in XS up to XXL.  

Flaming Skull Pullover Hoodie

Is your current hoodie not bad enough for you? Try on this evil-looking orange hot Flaming Skull Pullover Hoodie. Made from 92% premium fabric-polyester, 8% stretchy spandex and 100% comfortable villainous material.

Sick Pop Culture Hoodies

It is about time you break outside the boundaries of the traditional badass norm with a more hip and mainstream popular culture hoodie.

IT Pennywise Clown Sweatshirt Hoodie

Stephen King really did a number, traumatizing a lot of people with his evil clown character. And that is why the IT Pennywise Clown Sweatshirt Hoodie made it on our list. Featuring Pennywise’s head along with its nightmarish stare and creepy carnival Christmas background theme. 

Marvel Thor Ragnarok Hoodie Sweatshirt

Commemorate Odin son’s most badass age by rocking a Marvel Thor Ragnarok Hoodie Sweatshirt. Included in the design, inside a cool circular portal background are Gladiator Hulk, Loki, and Hela. Lightweight and made of high-quality polyester material.