44 Hauntingly Creepy and Dead Scary Zombie Barbie Dolls

Are you ready for the Zombie Barbie Apocalypse?

Whatever their looks, features, or #OOTD, Barbie dolls have graced the girlhood years of many women for decades. 

But what happens when a zombie virus hits these beauties? To be honest, some of them are still eerily gorgeous, while others will make the regular plastic ken or any normal human beings run for their lives.

The zombie craze has only grown more infectious ever since its grim beginnings in 17th-century Haiti, so much so that Barbie’s creators, Mattel, came up with an undead version of the beloved doll in 2015. Many creatives followed suit by repurposing Barbies and reimagining them as the brain-starved ghouls we dread, like in The Walking Dead and other zombie TV shows and films.

Hunt and collect these plastic walking undeads at your own risk, you’ve been warned!

Frighteningly Disturbing & Weird Zombie Barbie Dolls

Anjelica Altered Barbie Doll

Anjelica is a seemingly nice girl, but with a lot of secrets, which makes her more menacing than you think. She’s got herself entangled in her knitting, and now her needles crown her head. Her severed right hand is tied to her neck with an electrical cord. The way some strands of yarn are tied to the waist of her tattered skirt, she used to create her own clothing, it seems.

Wide Awake ZomBarbie

Looks as if she’s fresh out from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, only she’s a Barbie doll walker! With her black leotard and pink tutu, one may assume she’s a ballerina that was severely ravaged by zombified members of her dance troupe. With eyes bulging wide from their sockets and fully bare teeth, she’s the stuff classical ballet nightmares are made of. And as a cherry on top, she also glows in the dark!

Hot Pink Mohawk Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

Punk never died, it was always in the scene and so is she. You can tell her apart from the rest of the herd through her neon pink Mohawk and badass full-sleeve arm tattoo. When she loves, it’s hardcore, ready to give that special someone her whole heart, which she holds in her hand. Talk about dropping a heavy beat. And just like a real morbid punk star, she can strike some gruesome poses too, though very cautiously.

Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Barbie Doll

Here comes the bride from beyond the grave, hungry for her groom’s love, money, and of course brains. Elegantly garbed in a complete bridal ensemble, the Zombie Bride is one-fourth of Mattel’s Haunted Beauty Barbie doll quartet. She can also strike a pose with her ModelMuse body type and bendable arms. Don’t let her charm fool you, though. That red lipstick isn’t what you think it is!

Bad Day at the Salon Zombie Barbie Doll

A certain girl went to the salon to have her hair done, but the hairdresser seems to have done more than that. Why would someone drive sharp scissors through a client’s neck and let her burn when the dryer chair short-circuited? Instead of being killed though, her infection from the airborne disease keeps her alive as an undead being, forever angry and hungry for the living.

Blue Barbie Walker

This blue-skinned doll is more sinister than sad, but her skin color isn’t the scary thing about her. It’s her blank eyes and the fact that she’s still alive despite having lost her arm and her skull cut open. Did she catch the virus from a head surgery? The smeared blood on her mouth tells you she’s been roaming all around the place, hunting for prey.

Hand Maid Pilgrim Zombie Horror Barbie Art Doll

Such a diligent servant, that she still fulfills her daily tasks even after the infected have attacked her. What a thoughtful lady, too. This one’s got some delicious treats in her basket… except they aren’t for you. After all, a lady undead or not deserves to indulge herself after centuries of hard work, anyway. She’s been hustling ever since her Pilgrim masters first arrived on American soil!

Walmart Barbie Z Doll

Just when you thought you’ve seen a fashionable Z with a stylish lopsided belt hanging on her side, but on closer inspection, it’s actually some of her bowels. Don’t judge, she’s only keeping it real even after losing three-fourths of her left arm and some flesh on her left eye, chest, and tummy to the horde. This doll was purchased by her creator at Walmart for ten bucks and transformed into a gorgeous horrendous creature. The scariest part is that her gaze and smile are still bubbly.

Raver Girl Zombie Doll

As nighttime approaches, ravers start crawling out of the darkness, heading to their favorite clubs. And for the undead, like little miss rotting party girl over here, it’s mealtime! Her infected eyes look happy with those smiley face contact lenses, yet her face is anything but. The glow-in-the-dark, rainbow-coloring in her hair and rave clothing with neon trappings make her easy for you to spot and hopefully avoid under a black light.

Halloween Witch Costume Z Barbie

Saphronia Steel sported a glam witch costume and gave the trick-and-treaters some candies for Halloween. Little did she know that the zombie stories she used to shrug off as the stuff of fiction would come true and that she would become one. This witch doesn’t need cauldrons and vials of weird matter and spells to exercise her power. Its rabid hunger is the real deal!

Decomposing Dead Barbie

An indie author who writes sci-fi and fantasy novels known as S. E. Zbasnik together with sexy romance writer Ellen Mint converted a sassy beach babe doll from Walmart into a festering brain-ivorous monstrosity. She recounts the “easy peasy” zombifying process in detail in her blog, Introverted Wife. The remainder of this creature’s disemboweled guts looks like an appendage of some extraterrestrial being at first sight!

Zombie Barbie Bride Custom Goth Dead Doll

Thanks to zombies gatecrashing yet another wedding, here’s another Zarbie bride with a grisly souvenir from her groom. Dressed in a light pink satin and tulle gown, she carries her husband-to-be’s lovely head everywhere she goes like how she would wear her ring. Some half-conscious brain-eaters were kind enough to sew her head and neck wounds back after feeding on her brains, or maybe she did the stitches herself.

Half-Melted Fashionista BarZombie

Ever heard of Hel, the Norse goddess of the underworld? Half of the real Hel is alive while the other part is dead, same with this chic Zarbie. Whoever threw those corrosive liquids on her half deserves to be feasted upon by herds of the undead, and don’t worry because she’s out to make that happen.

Mummy Zombie Barbie Doll

The bad thing about excavations is that, more often than not, they bring up something, or someone, that should’ve stayed underground. One of the majestic pyramids of Egypt contained this mummy, who was once an esteemed princess. The discovery of her tomb awakened her and exposed her to the zombie epidemic. Now, she wants to get back at whoever disturbed her eternal beauty slumber.

Creepy Zombie Barbie Doll In Red Dress

She’s got her red dress on tonight, prowling in the dark, in the pale moonlight… Lana del Rey doesn’t have anything to do with Lisette, and it’s better that way. In case you’re wondering, her eyes became her infected optometrist’s dinner. Now, she prances blindly in search of her next meal. She had actually devoured a fellow Barbie while in storage.

Barbie Of The Undead

No one really knows what happened with this creeper. Juicy gossips from the other plastic dolls say that her right cheek was munched off while making out with Ken… or what used to be him. Then, she took a bite of her own arm, so there’s that. Her maker, Norwegian artist Are Sundnes details the doll’s transformation from a sweet, happy Barbie to a gaunt, ghastly brain-eater in his craft website, Cut Out + Keep.

Zarbie Sister No.1 Zombie Barbie Doll

One of the two sisters who got bitten by wandering infected Barbies that got lost in a forest on Washington Island in their once-fab gowns. A good Samaritan found and nourished them but now could no longer provide their needs. Would you be so kind as to take one or both of them in? Can you provide plenty of fresh meat for them? This deteriorating beauty has hands eternally posed as if she’s is romantically slow dancing with her prey.

Zarbie Sister No.2 Zombie Barbie Doll

She suffered horrific injuries from the infected dolls that rushed to her and her sister. With her left eye gouged from its socket, half chest eaten to the bone, and left ankle broken into an odd angle, she’s looking for a place to rest her putrefied weary head. Together with her sibling, this horrid beauty was taken in by a kind stranger who found them festering in dirt and bite wounds in Washington Island’s gloomy woods.

Zombie Candy Striper Barbie

As a compassionate volunteer healthcare worker, she just wanted to help treat Barbies that are on the verge of turning into ZomBarbies. She inevitably caught the disease from a thrashing doll in the local hospital. Wearing the classic candy striper pinafore, the poor girl seems to have been experimented upon too, as suggested by the medical stitches on her forehead. She brings undeath instead of healing now.

Lab Tech Zombie Barbie Doll

If you’ve set your eyes on this one, you know you’ve been playing too much Resident Evil. She was working to find a cure for the contagious zombie disease when the unavoidable catastrophic disaster happened. She died as a hero wannabe but rose again as drop-dead gorgeous undead. Like a lab professional, she’s wearing a face shield and lab gown, but that doesn’t mean she can’t transmit the t err… zombie virus to you.

Dead Scary Jessica Pinup Zombie Barbie

Pinup model Jessica is the perfect Calendar Girl for the month of Halloween. She’s as drop-dead gorgeous in the afterlife as she was before mindless zombies ripped her heart out, leaving a big hole in her chest. Don’t fall for this one unless you don’t wish to keep your heart and the rest of your insides intact.

Lovely Lady Zombie Horror Barbie Art Doll

Isn’t she lovely? She was crowned as the Prom Queen the night the zombies attacked. Her dreams of being a beauty queen are as undying as she is now. The deserted streets after dark are her catwalk, only she isn’t walking there to strut like a top model. A creature that’s on the hunt for its next victim and not even a broken leg can stop her.

ZomBarbie One Of A Kind Fashion Art Doll

Z-Barb is green not because of envy or overexposure to gamma radiation, but because she’s in the late stages of decomposition. Her smiling face is eerily preserved except for a bit of flesh that was bitten from her cheek and head wound. She’s still rocking a hair with subtle red, blue, and gold highlights, and carries her red dress with grace. That doesn’t make her any less scary, though.

Not So Fresh Zarbie

She got infected by the zombifying virus while she’s about to take a dip in her tub and read a steamy romance novel during a hot bath. You can remove her shower cap if you want to but that won’t make much difference just be careful and don’t let her bite you, because this not-so-fresh zombie doll craves for a human brain, fresh from the skull.

Chained Horror Zombie Barbie

Someone held this infected plastic doll up in captivity at her luxurious mansion on Malibu during the first few months of the pandemic. Now she’s broken free and is roaming around the nearby graveyards at night. If you happen to be near the area and hear some metal clinking in the middle of the night, that would most likely be her, on the lookout for her next human-vegan midnight snack.

Decayed Creepy Retro Polka Dot Skirt Walker

The postman may always ring twice but that isn’t enough assurance that he isn’t a zombie. Catherine learned that the hard way. She ordered a necklace online and realized way too late that the guy who delivered it to her wasn’t normal anymore. Now, she isn’t either. In a zombie apocalypse, you can’t trust postmen and ladies clad in retro polka dot skirts.

Dee J. Sweet Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

Girls just wanna have fun, and so do zombie Barbie girls. Dee J. Sweet was dancing all the stress away in her favorite bar after a hard day’s work, but when she went home, she was no longer huma.. regular Barbie. Somebody has driven a sharp object through her chest, but of course that didn’t kill her, and nothing can unless you have expert zombie-hunting skills.

Windy Day Barbie Walker

It was so windy outside that even this zombified walker was blown away. Casually dressed in a striped red-and-white sleeveless buttoned top and white capri pants, one might think that she doesn’t look so scary until you see her apparently raw wounds, lifeless gaze, and bloody grin (Where are her lips?). Having said those, some might still find her amusing but for most, she’ll make their hairs stand on end.

Trashy Hooker Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

There’s absolutely nothing bad with spending a night with a hot babe, but be careful with this chick. You might wake up not feeling like yourself anymore, as she will be turning you into a dangerous creature just like her. The money’s on her hair and bra top, along with those trampled Doritos and Butterfinger foil packs that got stuck on her sandals. With its insatiable zombie hunger, this messy decomposing girl doesn’t have time to clean up.

Zombie Bride OOAK Dead Doll

It seems that you’re a bit late for the wedding ceremony. You should consider yourself very lucky to have just survived the zombie bridezilla rampage at the venue. The bride is in a simple yet stylish pale pink wedding gown, stained with blood from the ghoul that bit her. She’s looking to victimize her new groom, let’s just hope it won’t be you.

Club Girl Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

You can find her in the club, not with a bottle full of bub but with bloodied teeth filled with bits of flesh stuck in between. Her twitching glassy eyes and morbid grin seem to invite you to come and dance with her if you dare. This girl is into some techno version of the danse macabre and dining on brains. A zombie apocalypse is a time for some sick Z partying, indeed.

Green Zombie BarZombie

Green is the color of life. In this BarZombie’s case, it’s a living death. She might have acquired her complexion from a freakish experiment (that turns fugly Barbies into irresistible beautiful brain-eating ghouls), though we can’t say for sure. We’re certain of one thing though, it’s better to get out of her way unless you want to end up inside her. Oh, and she’s perfectly balanced on one leg, like a ballerina.

Casual Zombified Barbie Doll

Don’t be fooled by her innocent-looking eyes and her little charming smile. Unlike other zombified Barbies, this lady in bloodstained casual getup has most of her parts intact, except her bones are sticking out in a few places. She can’t resist the urge to take a bite out of her prey if it comes too close. You have been warned.

Macabre OOAK Barbie Art Doll

Her three-fourths-sleeved blouse and pants make her look like one of the pedestrian zombies in The Walking Dead while her bulging eyes are yellow, like a cat’s. She’s also got that disturbing creepy grin, a severed right arm, and a knee bone stripped of flesh. A stand is included for when you wish to take her home and put her on display for all the trick-or-treaters to see.

Pretty in Pink Raver Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

You think she’s a fairy? Look again if you can. This Zarbie was once a girl in a fairy-themed rave outfit. The wings may be fake, but don’t underestimate her ability to sense your presence and run for you. She’s semi-poseable, so you can have her do various poses—but of course, do so with care. You can also put her on a stand so she outshines your other dolls, zombie or not, in her full magical nightmarish glory.

Coffin Dwelling Undead Doll

Somebody dug up her grave, stole some clothes along with her arm, because why not? Whoever it was mustn’t have known that they’ve let the virus into a recently interred plastic corpse. It now calls the wooden coffin home a la Count Dracula. A cozy place to take beauty rests that doesn’t really do anything or just a cool place to chill after munching off her prey.

Rollerblading Beach Babe Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll

Rollerblading Beach Babe Zarbie Zombie Barbie Doll
Skating by the beach does wonders for one’s health… unless if you have to go through a crowd of starving zombies, which includes this former beach babe. Her rollerblades may have twisted her ankles, but with them, she can chase you faster, though quite clumsily. Gifted with extreme flexibility, she can do more poses than the usual creepy Zarbie. If that doesn’t give you chills, we don’t know what will.

Horror Cheerleader Zombie Barbie Art Doll

Give me a Z, O, M, B-I-E and run as fast as you can! Team Z’s official cheer captain is no longer as cheerful and agile as she once was, but armed with pompoms and ferocity, she’ll have you screaming, sprinting, jumping, and tumbling to a safe place, that is, if you’re lucky enough to find one on your way! Once she catches up with you, it’s game over.

Halloween Zombie Barbie Cake

An eye candy Zarbie garbed in a pretty pink-and-white ball gown with an edible skirt to boot! Yes, she’s a half-zombie doll and half-cake. This food art masterpiece was specially made for Halloween and her zombified doll half is the rotten cherry on top. You might hesitate from eating the cake half for a couple of reasons: either it’s too wonderfully made that you don’t want to destroy it or you’re just too afraid because she might grab you.

Open Brain Decayed Z-Barbie

Kids love Candy’s cupcakes until the virus broke out and converted the young ones into the little living dead. They made a run for her baked goods as well as her brains. Candy still makes scrumptious cupcakes, but you can never be too sure what the ingredients are, especially now that she’s among the undead. Beauty and brains has never been this terrifying.

Happy Undead Walker Doll

If she’s happy and you know it, clap.. you better run away! She won’t be satisfied until she gets her fresh supply of zombie fodder, and that hunger is insatiable for as long as she lives. Even though her eye sockets are empty she can still sense your movements, so better think twice. Her right arm and chest are stripped to the bone, and her bowels are peeking from her stomach. This is true happiness, right?

Road Rash Zarbie Doll

Sadly, her Harley was no match for a relentless herd of flesh-eating zombies. She did manage to takeout some of those walkers, but accidentally lost her balance and fell off her motorcycle then met the ground, giving her road rash and a nasty sprocket injury. She landed on a ditch and hid in a culvert. The poor girl slowly but surely succumbed to her fear and trauma, and the next thing she knows—or does she?—is she’s now one of them.

Skull Faced Undead Barbie

People say that beauty is only skin deep but this Z-babe with her torn face or whatever remains of it begs to differ. At first sight, you may think her face skull is just a white makeup with glitters but it’s “au naturel”. The lower left side of her chest is also badly ripped as well as her white long-sleeved blouse. But her best features are those void eyeless gaze and skinless grin that will truly haunt your dreams.

One Armed Princess ZomBarbie

Zombies, meet your future queen. The one-armed Zarbie crown princess is in full royal regalia besmirched with the blood of her helpless victims. Even in an undead state, she still carries herself with the majesty of royalty. Just like in chess, one doesn’t simply mess with a queen. After all, they’re the most powerful figures in their respective hordes!

Some of us wonder why a lot of people are obsessed with all things zombie. Reasons vary, but the most interesting one is that they identify with the horrendous-looking creatures: They represent humanity devoid of emotion and propelled only by an insatiable hunger. That’s too somber, but it’s true nevertheless.

Zombie Barbies show us that beauty doesn’t last forever like most things in the world. Zombies, in Barbie doll form or not, help us confront the reality of death, even for just a few moments.

What are zombie Barbie dolls?

Except for Mattel’s Zombie Bride, Zombie Barbies aka Zarbies, or Z Dolls are simply Barbie dolls that are customized to look like rotting mindless walkers; the fictional man-eating undead that we affectionately call “zombies”. They aren’t officially licensed and are usually OOAK (one of a kind).

These zombie-themed art dolls are usually hand painted with pale gray or green acrylic then washed with red and/or black ink. The Barbies’ hairs are messed-up, their clothes are torn, and some body parts are also distorted, burned, wounded and cut-off to achieve a realistic gruesome look. 

Custom Zombie Barbie dolls are made for adult collectors. 

How do I maintain a zombie Barbie doll?

Each zombie Barbie maker has their own care instructions, but more often than not, it is advised to refrain or at least limit moving the head and limbs or what’s left of them. Z