Acton Rocketskates Electric Skates

Update: This product has been discontinued.

Smart wearable transportation.

Have you ever wished you could quickly go places via some kind of sleek wearable transportation? Just step into a pair of Acton Rocket Skates and they’ll take you around the neighborhood, as far as 10 miles or the equivalent of 3-5 hours of usage per charge. To get going, slightly lean forward on your toes and when you want to slow down or stop, simply click back your heels. You can also track your every trip and how far you’ve traveled with its companion app. Enjoy going places with these futuristic skates, whether you’re a pro or just roller skating for the first time.

$501 – $1k
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They’re 3 wheeled electric smart skates

Acton was able to quickly raise a whopping $550,725 from 733 backers via a Kickstarter campaign in August 2014, that’s nearly ten times the amount of funds they needed for production. And even though the co-founder and CTO of the company, Peter Treadway was unsuccessful at pitching these lightweight personal transport skates to the business moguls on Shark Tank (Episode 1, Season 7) in 2016, and even got the dreaded “You’re dead to me!” remark from Mr. Wonderful himself, this 1950s futurism and science fiction inspired personal transportation product has garnered a lot of interest from the masses.

R Rocketskates’ highly efficient 50W DC brushless hub motors are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They are among the first electric skates to be on the market, made to help anyone travel fast, efficient and with less effort compared to ordinary roller skates.

Cruising with Rocketskates will require some practice at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be zooming to your destination in no time!

Awesome product features

  • Choose your rocket: Acton Skate Shoes come in four variants and five colors to suit your needs and preferences. Pick a blue or red R5 which runs at 7mph tops or go full throttle with R6, R8, and R10 with a maximum speed of 12mph; available in red (Acton R6 Rocketskates), white (Acton R8 Rocketskates), and black/silver (Acton R10 Rocketskates).
  • Set the mode: Control your riding preference with the companion app. Toggle between three modes: Beginner if it’s your first time to use Acton Rocket Shoes, Normal after you’ve already picked up the pace, and Pro for that super boost! You can also track your routes and get in touch with your fellow electric skaters through the app.
  • Skate to stand out: The Rocketskates’ design is both distinct and functional. The wheels are attached to the rear, left and right sides of each foot pad, unlike typical quad skates’ wheels. This unique setup allows you to start skating by tilting forward and braking by heeling backward. The pads are also designed to be close to the ground so that you can take a walk if you run out of power or need to climb stairs with your skates on.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

Roller skating is no longer just a sport. It’s also become an alternative means of transport, so anyone can start skating to their work with these Rocket Skates!

Faster models like the R6, R8, and R10 are perfect presents for skaters, these people will find Acton Roller Skates easier to wear and control than regular skating shoes. Non-skater folks that are looking for environment-friendly modes of transport will appreciate having a pair too, since they won’t have to spend more money for fuel and worry about smoke emission.

Because you need to know

How do I charge my Electric Rocket Skates?

All Acton Electric Skates come with a standard US AC adapter (110-240v). Just attach the adapter to the skates and plug them in. R5 and R6 will take an hour and a half to fully recharge, two hours for R8, and two hours and a half for R10.

Can these Acton Skates go faster than 12mph?

12mph is the fastest speed Acton Rocketskates can go, except for R5 which is lower. They’re considered powered personal mobility vehicles, and depending on the state where you live, the maximum legal street speed limit for them is up to 12.5mph.

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