Parisot Space Up Bed and Storage

More than a pea under the mattress.

Face it, everyone struggles with their bedroom storage needs, it’s always not enough! That is until this clever piece of furniture came along. The Space Up Bed and Storage is a modern styled storage bed with an exterior display shelf and 2 drawers built right in. It also features a clever lift-up design that allows an unbelievable 77.7 cubic feet of area for your stuff tucked right under the mattress. And of course, the natural oak color blends well with most any décor, this sleeping beauty is a great way to maximize usage in your home.

$501 – $1k
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It’s a bed with a lot of storage space

With the Space up bed and storage, you can add luxury and comfort to your bedroom within a few hours. Any room becomes spacious in no time. The bed is divided into different storage compartments. You can keep your clothes, shoes, books, and everything else you desire. Effortlessly lift your bed without qualms and access the walk-in storage through which you can access the drawers and shelves.

With a dimension of 166cm wide x 87cm high x 207cm long, the Space up bed and storage can fit perfectly into any bedroom easily. It is designed to provide your room with style, comfort, and more extra space. You no longer have to worry about how tiny your room is because this efficient bed and storage solution has got you covered!

Awesome product features

  • Drawers and shelves: The Space up bed and storage has drawers and shelves where you can store your items easily. Your books, clothes, toys, shoes and other essentials fit perfectly into each partition. This is an all-in-one bedding solution offering more room for your stuff.
  • Light oak finish: Easy on the eyes and compliments any modern bedroom. It has a light oak finishing, this gives any room that clean, classy and elegant feel.
  • Lift-up mattress with walk-in storage area: It has a magnetic latch door that quickly opens up to give you access to your storage compartments. Ideal for storing bulkier or more private stuff that you don’t want to display.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

That one buddy who just moved to the city complains about the size of his studio apartment and finds it challenging to move around freely. He’ll be forever grateful for your help with this space-saving bed.

Get the Space Up Bed and Storage for a minimalist interior designer who values area efficiency. That moment when your friend started talking about the various ways to free up space in any bedroom, you know that person needs this.

Perfect for any teenager, especially those who just turned 13, who told you several times how much he/she needs more storage space. That kid would appreciate this bed as a birthday gift.

Because you need to know

How long will it take to build this bed?

According to the instruction manual it normally only takes 3 and a half hours to fully build the unit. It comes divided into 30 different major parts and has a lot of bolts and screws to assemble.

How much does it weigh?

This bed is heavy, the whole unit weighs a little below four hundred pounds or 386 lbs. to be exact.

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