Morning Head Cap

Bed head gone in seconds!

How many times did you have to deal with funky looking bed hair in the morning? Those times when you just don’t have the time and energy to towel off your hair after taking a shower will be a thing of the past with the Morning Head Cap. It may resemble an ordinary shower cap but it functions as a towel. This thing is made of tough polyethylene and a porous material that can easily absorb water. Time to say goodbye to those ridiculous looking bed hair!

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It’s a head hair cap that gets rid of bed head

Living in a fast-paced environment has never got this easy. All you’ve got to do is get the easy-to-use and durable plastic hair bag. Your hair deserves some grooming even if for 2 minutes before you hit the road. You will no longer need to dip your head into the sink and watch water drip on your clothes.

Are you going to ignore the convenience of not ruining your freshly pressed clothes by using a tested and trusted product? It’s easy to use, especially when you’ve had your clothes on, and you just remembered that you’ve got a bed head. Not to worry, morninghead has got you covered.

If you’ve ever ruined your perfect outfit on a Monday morning, then you’ve got a solution in your hands. Worrying about your bedhead is a thing of the past. You can make a concrete decision today to never ruin your day anymore. Get help today.

Awesome product features

  • Durable waterproof exterior: You don’t have to worry about water dripping from your hair. Morninghead is specifically designed to hold water. The durable impervious surface holds as much as three cups of water. Your hair gets wet easily, and you quickly style as you desire.
  • Style your hair on the go: If you’ve ever thought about styling your hair wherever you find yourself, please get your morning bed. No matter where you find yourself, use the morninghead to look better in no time.
  • Absorbable material: The interior of the morninghead has a highly absorbable material that keeps your hair wet without ruining your clothes.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

You can get this as a birthday present for your college pal, who ruins his perfect outfits each time he uses the shower to remove bed head.

Your brother watched the Shark Tank video and loved the concept of styling his hair every day without the stress of using a towel. He needs his morninghead too.

Ideal for friends and relatives with a busy 9 to 5 job, who barely have enough time to take a morning shower before going to work. They will surely appreciate this time-saving tool.

Because you need to know

How do I use the morninghead?

Add about 2 to 3 cups of water to the morninghead. Wear it like you would a shower cap and massage your head with your hands. Remove and style your hair as you desire.

How long should I use the morninghead?

You can use it for as long as three months. Be sure to wring out the water after use. You can hand wash with anti-bacterial soap to keep off a foul smell.

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