Helmfon Isolation Helmet

Wear your helmet, productivity first.

Yes, it looks like a big black goofy headgear but it is way more than that. Helmfon is a unique helmet designed to fully block out office noise and visual distractions. The interior of the device is made of polyethylene paired with an exterior glass fiber that allows maximum sound absorption and reflectivity. This allows you to work in total silence even in a room full of people. Missed phone calls? A thing of the past, because it comes fully equipped with everything you need to allow you to deal with them easily and even watch videos. Say good bye to low productivity and comfortably work in your “zone” even among your noisy colleagues.
Money Can’t Buy Me Love
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It’s a giant privacy helmet that helps you concentrate with your work

Helmfon was created to help you concentrate while enjoying all the cool features of having your media device within your grasp. The exterior is made with nitro paint-covered glass fiber. While the interior is made of foam polyethylene stuffing, this plays a significant role in barring the noise from getting to you.

It also comes with multimedia accessories such as a microphone, speakers, magnifier, accumulator system board, and a compartment for smartphones. You’d enjoy your work better, and your productivity will surely improve as you get on your over-sized helmet. And you still get to enjoy watching movies, answer calls, make calls, organize Skype conference, edit your pictures and other functions. You don’t have to deal with the noise from your coworkers or any other person, get your Helmfon helmet today.

Interesting features

  • Unparalleled Isolating environment: This headgear is your new companion for getting through a noisy and distracting workspace. There are times when you simply want to be left alone in your “zone” without any human interference. You wish there is a magic wand to make your colleagues stop chattering.
  • Advance multimedia technology: You don’t need to move around thinking of how you’d make a call or answer a call, no worries thinking of how you’d initiate the Skype conference call, etc., without removing your gigantic Helmfon Helmet, you’ve got all these essential features on your head.
  • Polyethylene material stuffing: The importance of focusing on your work cannot be overemphasized. This is why your helmet is heavily padded with polyethylene foam to reduce the noise around you and help you concentrate on your work.
  • Customizable exterior: Your new noise-cancelling buddy is customizable. Yes. You can choose to add more features that are relevant to your job description and remove those you think can distract you. You also have the opportunity to select your Helmfon Helmet based on your favorite colors.

Because you need to know

Is this just a gag or a real product?

It is Hochu rayu’s main creation and the Ukrainian design firm seems to be serious about turning it into a real product.

When will this be available?

At the time of this writing the jumbo-sized helmet is currently in its conceptual prototype stage, no actual release date has been confirmed yet.

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