Cool Gifts for Biology Nerds: Biologists, Teachers & Students Included

The Best Biology Themed Gifts You can Buy Online, Lab Safety Goggles Not Included

A unique list of fun science gifts you can buy online, specially curated for the adorable biology geek in your life. We have done all the meticulous research for you. No more need to look under the microscope, all that is left to do is read, click and buy.

It is that time of the year again, and once again you just cannot come up with a half-decent cool biology gift idea plus you still have to do laundry, go to the grocery, watch Netflix… and time is running out!

Aside from the 17 products on our list, we have also included 4 varieties for each item, all totaling to 85 science-themed gift ideas. Have fun!

Dissected Cat Enamel Pin

Not a lot of enamel pins will turn peoples’ heads like this controversial 1.5-inch yellow Dissected Cat Enamel Pin by LITTLExWOUNDS. It has two nails at the back and is made of hard enamel with black nickel plating.

Most will smile upon seeing it, others might chuckle, but some will definitely get offended. After all, it is a dead cat with its entrails hanging in the open. But the “in the name of science” explanation can always be used to get out of hairy situations.

If your recipient is adventurous and likes to live the laboratory life on the wild side, this pin might just do the trick for them; just make sure they are good at making scientific excuses.

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Show off the beauty of Venus’ anatomy in this black and silver-colored 40mm hard enamel pin, designed to captivate fellow biology geeks especially in the dark as it glows and proudly displays her upper skeletal frame. 


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Science and romance in one nifty little package made for the hopeless but logical romantic lab coat in your life. This 1.5 inches anatomically correct heart is made of black nickel-plated metal and enamel.

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It doesn’t get nerdier than this 25mm brain pin made of coined copper and enamel. An ideal gift idea for science teachers and students who like to flex their intellectual muscles around the campus.

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This Animal-lover approved rat skeleton stainless steel enamel pin measures 1.9 x 2 inches. It was taken from watercolor painting and makes for a creepy but still cute gift for people who can’t get enough lab rats.

Tardigrade Microbiology Plush

For those who are in need of a trustworthy emotionless lab companion, there is no gift better than the plush version of the tardigrade, nature’s most indestructible creature.

The linen toy is filled with polyester fiber and perfectly embodies the odd but still cute looking water bear that any biology nerd will instantly recognize. It is about 10 inches long and features a plastic nose and claws.

Although it is not as immortal-tough as the real thing who can even survive the harsh conditions of deep space and extreme radiation, this little fellow can definitely withstand the usual hug, pinch, and squeeze of any normal human being.

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Marine biologists and sea slug fans are going to get a kick out of this magnificent 100% merino wool sculpture. The wool needle felted nudibranch is about 3-4 inches long and has all the little colorful cerata you’ll ever need in this lifetime.

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A 5 1/2 inch tall wool blend felt deer with all the essential organs inside its belly, what else could anyone ask for?  This hand-sewn creation takes a few days to prepare and features a gauge jewelry wire inside its legs for extra bendability.

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We have got just the perfect buddy for those who are always geeking-out about human anatomy. This adorable award-winning 7-inch tall scientific skin plushie also comes with a nerdy skin cancer self-exam and skin facts info.

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A lot of people associate microorganisms with negativity like disease and bacteria, but not for the open-minded biologist. Spread the love with some tiny colorful microbes made with baby yarn and felt, sure to bring a smile on any biology students and teachers alike.

Wingspan Board Game

Bet you did not know there was a cool board game about birds.

Say hello to Wingspan by Stonemaier Games, the ideal gift for those who are into birds and strategic board games. It can be played solo or up to 5 players and takes 40-70 minutes of competitive bird collecting gameplay.

The artwork is just simply gorgeous, from the outer box to the birdfeeder dice tower, all the way to the individual bird cards and all the extra accessories included; everything is just top-notch.

With over hundreds of bird cards to discover, everyone will definitely have a fun time filling up their imaginary aviaries.

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