Virginia Candle Duck Money Soap

Shower daily to get the money.

How do you encourage the kiddos or even adult friends to regularly wash their hands and take a shower? Well, you can reward them with some good old dirty mulah! Not only can they stay fresh and clean with Virginia Candle Company’s Money Duck Soap, but they can also get up to fifty bucks to save or splurge on their favorite items! When the soap wears out, it reveals a real bill worth $1, $5, $10, $20, or $50. It also comes in a delightful Pearberry scent and shaped like one of the most popular bathroom toys that people of all ages love—the rubber ducky.
$11 – $15
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It’s a duck soap with money inside

The importance of personal hygiene can never be underestimated. Poor hygiene gives room for germs and other harmful microorganisms to breed and flourish, yuck! It also drives other people away from those with body odor, making them feel lonely and isolated, often times lowering their self-esteem and can even result in development of problematic psychological issues.

But how can you tell non-shower friendly friends that they reek while lessening the chances of them getting offended? Simply give them a Duck Money Soap for their special day! That crispy bill inside the soap will get them rubbing and foaming in no time.

Definitely the cleanest way to earn some hard rubbed cash!

Awesome product features

  • Real legal tender inside: The duck that lays golden eggs may be the stuff of folktales, but this one holds an authentic US currency bill inside. You have put in the shower work though, you won’t be able to get your grubby hands on the dough until the soap is all used up.
  • Extra gentle on the skin: This Clear Money Soap is safe for all types of skin. It’s made of glycerin, which gives the bar its nice yellow translucent look. Additionally, glycerin soaps are all-natural and work very well for people with sensitive skin. Not to mention that they also help your skin stay healthy by retaining your skin’s moisture throughout the day.
  • Fruity Pearberry scent: This duck-shaped cash soap will leave you feeling and smelling brand spanking new! Users of all ages will enjoy the soap’s blend of the mild and sweet aromas of ripe pears and mixed berry sauce. If you’re hunting for a soap bar that’s almost quacking and gentle on the nose, look no further.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

Soap bars are often looked at as a bad gift idea, but people who have been gifted and earned some Duck Soap money actually find it fun! Who wouldn’t want to get some $$$ tax-free just by bathing?

Kids will love this adorable bath product, probably more because of the Dollar bill inside, but at least they’ll develop good personal hygiene habits while using it! Even for adults who buy one for themselves or their loved ones, this gag gift is both useful and amusing.

Because you need to know

Can you tell how much is inside?

Even though the Duck Money Soap is transparent the real note is covered by a plastic tube that looks like a fake dollar bill. Duh! It’s a surprise! And no you can’t choose the amount, it’s random. You’ll see how much you get when the soap has been entirely worn-out or forcibly split into halves, as in most cases.

Does it come in other scents?

So far, the soap only comes in a Pearberry scent, as it is gentle for users of all ages. We sure hope the manufacturer produces more duck-shaped soaps in other scents in the future!

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