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Gifts For Men

Browse our unique and ever-growing selection of products specifically handpicked for him.

Slap your messages in their face just like Batman.
If you are getting tired of boring post it notes and need a more creative way to deliver your mes...
Under $25
The pretzel you bring home to meet the folks.
Not all pretzels are the same. There are hard salty pretzels that are just good for watching the ...
Under $25
Picture perfect coffee.
Can you picture the perfect cup of coffee? Well, it might be a lot easier to just get yourself a ...
Under $25
Things you need to know when fighting a vampire.
Most people wouldn't know what to do when suddenly attacked by a blood thirsty vampire. This is w...
Under $25
Sleep in the company of the deadliest creature in the universe.
Night lamps are generally used to keep the darkness away, but Kreat Works’ Recycled Metal Queen M...
$501 - $1k
Never go underwater without this glove.
Increase your swimming, paddling and grip performance with the Webbed Power Gloves. These gloves ...
$25 - $75
Worry not for your tablet for the strong man of Olympus is here!
Lo and behold! The Hercules XIII Universal Tablet Stand can carry any type of tablet! Made of hig...
$151 - $300
Sleep like and on a log.
The Log Head Rest is here to cradle you to a good night's sleep. Rest your weary head on its micr...
Under $25
Wrap a hero around your wrist.
Paracord is hot as a gift idea but the same old thing can get a little boring. Now, you can kick ...
Under $25
Rock your workout!
When you want to add a little more natural to your gym experience, you have to get a Fitrocks Ket...
Money Can't Buy Me Love
Real Viking warmth!
Create a real manly fire pit that will keep you warm even in the coldest of winters. Once you lig...
$301 - $500
One smart storage solution.
When it comes to data storage, you can’t get much more genius than the 8GB Einstein Mimobot USB F...
Under $25
Comfort that’s more than skin deep.
Create an indulgent and over the top bedtime experience with this Plush Luxury Faux Fur Bedding. ...
$501 - $1k
Red Godzilla tie, so they’ll know you mean business.
Have you ever wanted to look so snappy and stylish that you could lay entire cities to waste? The...
$25 - $75
The lovable Calne Ca.
Things can get out of hand when a talented fan starts making his own version of a popular charact...
$151 - $300
Get a lego minifigure version of yourself.
If you are looking for a unique personal gift for someone you love, something that can be remembe...
$25 - $75
Block bullets with your bag.
Danger can come from any place, any time, and you could end up in a life threatening situation wi...
$501 - $1k
Start your undersea adventure right now!
There is no time to waste 95% of the sea still unknown, quickly assemble a crew and grab yourself...
Above $25k
Solid tires for a safer bike ride.
Bike enthusiasts will surely love having these Solid Bike Tires. It is very durable and can withs...
$25 - $75
It’s a library in a chair!
Style and practicality comes together in the form of the awesome Luxury Club Library Bookcase Cha...
$1k - $5k