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Gifts For Kids

Only the coolest and hippest gifts for the kids.

Give this friend a crack.
If you want a toy that does more than sit on a shelf, you need a Hatchimals Interactive Creature....
$76 - $150
Fry your eggs with love!
Add love to your meal by literally adding the word love with a help from the Fry Love You Egg Mol...
Under $25
Everything is awesome table.
If you are a fan of Legos this item may be just your style. This Legotings Handmade Lego Table wi...
$5k - $25k
You’ve never seen an invasion like this one.
All things 80’s are so hot again and a lot of that is being showcased through people’s love of cl...
$25 - $75
Progressive learning system for lock picking.
Take your first step into being a master locksmith and start training with the Lockpick School in...
$76 - $150
Wear something that never fades nor withers.
If you’re going to make a rosebud a part of your ensemble, there is no need to choose one that wi...
$25 - $75
Dang! That’s good!
When you hear the word “snack,” you automatically assume that it’s delicious and addictive but ba...
$25 - $75
Victorian Tree House for the kids?
If your children want a tree house and you do not have any trees try this Victorian Tree House. Y...
Above $25k
Drink on the manliest drinking vessel around!
Do you want to instantly grow a beard, fart lightning bolts and emit an endless aura of manliness...
Under $25
Not your average remote-controlled robotic ball.
If you want a high-tech toy that is both enjoyable and educational at the same time, then say hel...
$76 - $150
Shower daily to get the money.
Say hello to the Candle Duck Money Soap, a bath product shaped like a duck and scented with Pearb...
Under $25
Lean mean flying paper machine.
Relive your paper flying glory days like never before. Now with the help of PowerUp 3.0 you can a...
$76 - $150
One of a kind embroidered pet portraits.
People who love animals will appreciate home décor that features animals as well, but you know wh...
$25 - $75
Easily blend with the cool kids.
Go ahead take the leap and wear the Jeremy Scott Neon Camo Shoes. Don't be like other men who are...
$151 - $300
Why put on a necktie when you can wear a cacti?
Sugar daddies aren't needed anymore to make your jewelry collection grow. Wear It Mini Plants Cor...
Under $25
Jumping on water – It is awesome!
If you’ve been dreaming of walking over the surface of the water, you better give the AquaSkipper...
$301 - $500
Make an explosive impression on people.
If you want to make a lasting impression on people you meet, you can do it with The Make Lab Ka-P...
Under $25
Add some Disney magic in your coffee.
Starbucks coffee, in some parts of the world, is considered as a high-end beverage that is valued...
Under $25
Sometimes all that your bathroom needs is a submarine.
Don't be one of those people who are too cheap to buy their own sub, you're better than that and ...
$25 - $75
Sleep among the stars.
Surround yourself with heavenly bodies as you ready yourself to sleep with the help of the Glow i...
$25 - $75