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Gifts For Kids

Only the coolest and hippest gifts for the kids.

Sour foods will taste sweet!
The Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet definitely lives up to its name, as it works like a miracle! The ...
Under $25
Cultivate cuteness inside your home.
Plants are beautiful and should be welcome in any home, but you have to admit that they’re not th...
Under $25
Is your water getting a little boring?
Drinking water can sometimes be quite boring and admit it, you’d be drinking more water if it has...
Under $25
When books and art collide.
Any fan of the wildly popular Nancy Drew book series will find the only mystery is why haven't th...
$151 - $300
I feel like paper.
Remember all the fun you had with paper dolls? Now you can have a whole new thrill with a Paper D...
$25 - $75
Brighten up those salty nights.
If you want a lamp that is made mostly of natural elements and does more than just provide lighti...
Under $25
Jumping on water – It is awesome!
If you’ve been dreaming of walking over the surface of the water, you better give the AquaSkipper...
$301 - $500
Beef jerky like you never had before.
Ready your taste buds and wipe that drool of your face as you peel away and experience the many f...
$25 - $75
Mix a little circus act while drying your clothes
Here comes the whole troupe to help you with the laundry. The Amazing Pegzini Family Laundry Pegs...
Under $25
Don’t let your feet do all the work.
You may think that sitting down isn’t hard on your body. For one thing, it prevents proper blood ...
Under $25
Once a pillow now a hipster pillow.
Surprise! Your pillow is now one of the hipster kids hanging out in your living room sofa! Sudden...
Under $25
Easily blend with the cool kids.
Go ahead take the leap and wear the Jeremy Scott Neon Camo Shoes. Don't be like other men who are...
$151 - $300
Customize your pillow.
There are times when you need to jot down or draw a few ideas before drifting off to sleep. Inste...
Under $25
If you love that phone then you should put a ring on it.
Smart phones these days are getting bigger and bigger, to the point where dropping them is both a...
Under $25
Paper airplane on steroids!
High quality detailed replica paper airplane kits for adults and kids. Huntly’s Paper Warplanes K...
Under $25
Drink from the mystical powers of the force.
Tiki statues are considered as mystical and holy in nature, just like the force that the Jedi bel...
Under $25
Be ready for your close-up every time you wake up!
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a movie star? Start realizing that dream with the Director’s Ed...
$25 - $75
Change your view 90 degrees downward.
With the Prism Eye Glasses, you can continue comfortably reading on your tablet or keep watching ...
Under $25
A fun way to de-clutter your home!
If you’re fond of the geometric shape-stacking game Tetris, these Tetris-shaped Storage Benches w...
$501 - $1k
Shoe in for fun.
One of the single most unique puzzles available has to be the Air Jordan 45 High 3D Puzzle. This ...
$151 - $300