Running Press The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)

All for the love of the screaming goat!

Did you know that the web has a new farm animal pal? Sure he is small and won’t move an inch but that will not stop him from making you and your friends laugh. The Screaming Goat is a novelty plastic toy goat made by running press. Apart from the white goat figurine and its tree stump base it also includes a small 32-page illustrated pocket book filled with fun facts and trivia about goats. Its main feature is the hilarious “aahhhh!” sound it makes when pressed. If you’re yet to join the goat-loving gang, here’s your chance to get on-board!

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It’s a screaming goat toy

Everyone can’t have enough of the 3.2 inches toy. Although it sits still on your desk, it’s full of laughter. A gentle push of the button on the tree stump unleashes a scream that punctures the dreary mood in your office. Relieve the tension of your colleagues by pressing the tree stump. It sure would make a great round of laughter.

Use the little goat to prank your friends. In the middle of a boring lecture with your pals, a loud cry from the little guy will bring hilarious bouts of laughter to your study. This incident will make a great story in the future. Try out it out at school. They’ll never forget the hilarious cry from your new goat companion.

Awesome product features

  • Hilarious screaming goat: Lighten up the mood in your office meetings, a small push of the tree stump will let out a bleating cry from your new toy. And it’ll leave your colleagues in a better mood. Remember to keep your goat figurine close to you, and you’ll laugh when you’re feeling frustrated.
  • Cartoon realistic tree stump base: The plastic tree stump houses the three LR41 button cell batteries. Check the batteries often to ensure your mini goat figurine lasts. No matter how stressful the day is, the cute goat figurine is always on top of its stump – elevated from the rest of your junk, always staring and ready to distract you from work.
  • Cool pocket guide: Included in the fun package is a colorful 32-page leaflet of hilarious goat facts. It makes a good read even on a sad day at work or at home. Show it to your kids and share more funny goat stories.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

Be sure to get this cute goat for your goofy vet friend that never stops talking about the weird tricks he played on animals. He’d appreciate a cute little goat.

People who grew up in a ranch, surely they are tired of living in the city and are now feeling homesick, a little dose of mini goat figurine will surely go a long way.

Mom and dads who love the viral goat videos on the internet. Remember to get one for your parents too. They’d love to have a good laugh with their friends during the weekend barbeque.

Because you need to know

How do I make the goat scream?

The screaming goat lets out a bleating sound anytime you press either the back of the goat or the tree stump. Be sure to try out the screaming goat once you get your toy.

How often should I change the batteries?

Ensure that you change the batteries once the cry from the goat is low, and you’ll enjoy the cry from the goat for long.

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