Prank Pack Nap Sack Sleep Hood

Take a nap anytime... Anywhere!

This doesn’t just make you look like a drooling creeper with a useless fan on top but it also doubles as a dust cover for your appliances, what an ingenious product! Just one minor detail, The Nap Sack Sleep Hood is not an actual product but an empty gag gift box. It measures 8” x 6” x 2” and is made of 100% recyclable cardboard. This product is proudly made in the US, ships flat, and is easy to assemble; no glue required. Still, it was dubbed as the “Best Public Sleep Product” by Chillaxation Weekly!
Under $25
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It’s a ridiculous product themed prank gift box

We all love to sleep and what better way than to sleep whenever and wherever you want without distractions. The Nap Sack Sleep Hood is your perfect companion for sleeping, whether at home, in the office, school, airport, and everywhere else.

Slip it on your head, and off you go to “dreamland.”

Who doesn’t love a good joke? The type that makes you lose your cool hilariously. You lose all inhibitions to having a great laugh at a joke. Sorry to cut you shut off your laughing steam. It’s only a joke. Yes, it’s a joke. And an expensive one, but it’s worth every cent. You should try the Nap Sack Sleep Hood on before passing it on to the next fellow.

Here’s the truth, no jokes. Get your prank “revenge” started with this colorful box. You are guaranteed a bountiful harvest of memorable memories. Yes, that’s precisely what you paid for. Get your Nap Sack Sleep Hood today.

Awesome product features

  • Creative and memorable gift box design: You’d get a colorful gift box that guaranteed to bring you joyful memories. That’s a bold promise because it’s a tested and trusted product. It was specially designed for folks who know the benefits of jokes. As a friendly person who understands the importance of perceptions, then you can take this as a joke too.
  • Prank revenge cycle friendly: Finally, the chance to get your prank revenge on your buddies! What other cool way to do this than to get the Nap Sack Sleep Hood. It gets better when they understand the joke and pass on the “gift” to friends and family.
  • Instant fun and laughter: With the all-new Nap Sack Sleep Hood, you’re assured of endless laughter for life. Just like fine wine, it gets better as it ages. Get yours today, and let the bouts of laughter begin. Ensure you let it continue and keep sharing happiness.

Who will appreciate this as a gift

Listen, you’ve got no excuse not to prank your family. They’ve put up with you for a long time and deserve a good laugh. They are the best people to start the cycle of pranking, use the Nap Sack Sleep Hood to cheer them up!

Sleepy co-workers would surely appreciate this unique packaging, get their hopes up of getting the best nap of their life then crush it with a mediocre gift, like you always do.

Techie dads will not know what hit them! This is definitely the best sleeping gadget that he’s never heard of. And encourage him to share the gift with his other geeky friends.

Because you need to know

How long does the Nap Sack Sleep Hood last?

Forever. Memories are forever. They help us through the night. They assure us of beautiful mornings. Get your gift boxes and make more memories with your family and friends.

Is the Nap Sack Sleep Hood reusable?

Absolutely! These gift boxes are meant to be shared, encourage your victims to reuse it to other unsuspecting victims, like an evil Ponzi scheme. Endeavor to let the cycle of jokes, laughter, and joy continue.

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