Cool Gifts For Biologists, Biology Nerds, Teachers & Students

The Best Biology Themed Gifts You can Buy Online, Lab Safety Goggles Not Included

A unique list of fun science gifts you can buy online, specially curated for the adorable biology geek in your life. We have done all the meticulous research for you. No more need to look under the microscope, all that is left to do is read, click and buy.

Awesome Gifts for Biology Geeks, Professors, Undergraduates & Scientists

Dissected Cat Enamel Pin

Not a lot of enamel pins will turn peoples’ heads like this controversial 1.5-inch yellow Dissected Cat Enamel Pin by LITTLExWOUNDS. It has two nails at the back and is made of hard enamel with black nickel plating.

Most will smile upon seeing it, others might chuckle, but some will definitely get offended. After all, it is a dead cat with its entrails hanging in the open. But the “in the name of science” explanation can always be used to get out of hairy situations.

If your recipient is adventurous and likes to live the laboratory life on the wild side, this pin might just do the trick for them; just make sure they are good at making scientific excuses.

Tardigrade Microbiology Plush

For those who are in need of a trustworthy emotionless lab companion, there is no gift better than the plush version of the tardigrade, nature’s most indestructible creature.

The linen toy is filled with polyester fiber and perfectly embodies the odd but still cute looking water bear that any biology nerd will instantly recognize. It is about 10 inches long and features a plastic nose and claws.

Although it is not as immortal-tough as the real thing who can even survive the harsh conditions of deep space and extreme radiation, this little fellow can definitely withstand the usual hug, pinch, and squeeze of any normal human being.

Wingspan Board Game

Bet you did not know there was a cool board game about birds.

Say hello to Wingspan by Stonemaier Games, the ideal gift for those who are into birds and strategic board games. It can be played solo or up to 5 players and takes 40-70 minutes of competitive bird collecting gameplay.

The artwork is just simply gorgeous, from the outer box to the birdfeeder dice tower, all the way to the individual bird cards and all the extra accessories included; everything is just top-notch.

With over hundreds of bird cards to discover, everyone will definitely have a fun time filling up their imaginary aviaries.

Bacteria Cookie Cutter

Create scrumptious mouth-watering bacteria that will make even the cleanest germophobe begging for more with the help of this 3D printed Bacteria Cookie Cutter by McMaster3D.

This item is less than 5 bucks so we recommend you buy at least three (do not be cheap now). It is perfect for people who are on a budget but still need to gift. The cutter can create 4×2 inch cookies and comes in a random color.

For cleaning, be sure to let the recipient know that it can only be hand-washed, to avoid damaging the mold’s details.

Microbiology and baking in one dirty-looking but not really dirty cookie cutter package.

Flower Resin Wood Ring

Female recipients who are into botany or just flowers, in general, will thank you from the bottom of their hearts once they get their hands on this beautiful handmade Resin Ring Flower from ForestMagicWithRivka.

What makes this ring special, besides its hip organic look are the materials used to make it; real delicate flowers inside a multicolor resin paired with the highest quality of wood from noble tree species.

This accessory won’t give any problems to anyone’s skin and conscience since it is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

Every biology girl will surely agree that nature-lover sounds a lot better if you put a ring on it.

Cell-Fie Biology Shirt

The black funny graphic t-shirt says it all! This gift is specifically made for microbiology nerds who love taking those self-centered but beautiful shameless laboratory selfies.

Cell-Fie Biology Shirt by MoonApeTees humorously mixes the “it is all about me” millennial culture with the cell culture in the form of a 100% combed ring-spun cotton tee.

The item is unisex, weighs 4.2 oz and takes 3-5 days to arrive at your doorstep if you are living within North America via Printful.

Look no further for the perfect gift for that funny biology teacher or student who desperately needs their pictures liked, shared and commented on social media sites.

The Anatomy of a Flower Art Print

When art crosses paths with botany you know any garden-loving biology enthusiast is in for a treat. Slap The Anatomy of a Flower Art Print (by Rachel Ignotofsky) on any wall and watch people stare with their mouths open in amazement at this 8.5 by 11-inch wonder.

The artwork is printed using an Epson archival pigment ink on an Aurora fine art natural, which is made of 100% cotton rag acid-free matte paper; designed to last longer than most gardens in the neighborhood.

This colorful flower illustration with an artsy twist definitely gets two green thumbs up from us.

Circuit Board Microscope Christmas Ornament

People who love biology celebrate Christmas too, did you know? And nothing sets the happy geeky holiday mood better than CircuitBreakerLabs’ yellow Circuit Board Microscope Ornament hanging on an old cheap plastic Christmas tree.

Made from a recycled computer circuit board, this piece not only celebrates Christmas and biology but it also pays homage to technology. It is about 2 inches tall, comes with a nice black cord and can be bought as a set of three because we all know that one is never enough.

This piece can also be used as a car decoration or an oversized keychain, a good gift choice for the microscope-loving science nerd in your life.

Biology 101 Drink Coasters Mats

We present to you Biology 101 Drink Coaster Mats, made by Cute Drinking Coasters. This item features vintage artworks of various plants, insects and birds with a nostalgic science textbook feel.

It is 4 inches in diameter which is enough for the average mug and glass size, and is made of ceramic stone that can absorb water more quickly than the typical sandstone material used on most coasters. The bottom part is made of cork for better grip and drop durability.

Pretty much any recipient who owns a table or works on a desk will appreciate this useful and stylish little gift, no experiments needed.

Beach Please Real Crab Resin Glow In The Dark Keychain

Looking for a gift for crabby people and marine biology nerds out there? We present Anurains Design’s 3-inch long Beach Please Stamped Crab Keychain.

It is made of clear resin, glows in the dark and has a real crab inside. The attachment boldly features the snarky remark “Beach, Please!” and is made of aluminum, so it will not rust or tarnish and will always look brand new until somebody accidentally scratches it.

This item is from Canada and ships within 3 to 5 business days after ordering.

Smooth on the outside and crispy on the inside just the way your recipient likes it.

The Infectious Disease Colouring Book

It is about time you give the gift of stress relief to that special hardworking biology nerd in your life. Let them color their worries away with The Infectious Disease Colouring Book.

With 35 plus gruesome pages just waiting to be colored and awkwardly stared at, this book is not for the faint of heart. It includes gorgeous illustrations of the likes of leprosy, flesh-eating bacteria and some good old parasitic worms that will undeniably gross out your unsuspecting victi… err recipient.

This one of a kind book is the perfect gag gift you are looking for, a disgusting yet beautiful adult coloring book.

Hunting elephants today brings in a lot of complications not to mention that it is also illegal, but no worries because we now have HatynkaUA’s Elephant Head DIY Papercraft Animal Sculpture.

It is made of 100% cardboard and takes about 1 hour to assemble. Upon completion, this trophy sculpture will measure 25x30x18 centimeters and is sure to be the envy of fellow non-hunting zoology geeks.

To hunt or to just build a 3d puzzle that is the question.

Bear in mind that the seller is from Ukraine and the item is made to order so it will roughly take a month to arrive in the US, be sure to plan ahead.

Black Butterfly Wall Clock

Ever heard of the saying time is like a flying black butterfly? No? Well, now you have! Even better you can actually purchase it in the form of the Black Butterfly Wall Clock by ModernClock.

If black is not your recipient’s favorite color there is no need to worry since this modern timepiece is available in 23 other colors. The outer body is made of acrylic glass while the inner clock is made of Lucite and measures 29 centimeters in diameter (54 with the butterflies).

This item ships from Poland and takes 12-18 days to get to the US, plenty of time to decide whether you are going to gift it or just keep it for yourself.

Beetle Illustration Postcard Set

When choosing a gift for any insect-loving biology nerd, trust us you can never go wrong with a print of colorful bugs. To be more precise, the Beetle Illustration Postcard Set by NaturePess.

This beautiful leg-filled set features 6 different eye candy original beetle illustrations by artist David Comerón, each one including the English and Latin geeky scientific names of each bug.

The postcards are printed on an eco-friendly recycled Cyclus paper and individually measures 4.1 by 5.8 inches or A6.

Do not let gift researching bug you any further, you have wasted enough time in this internet jungle, scoop these beetles with your plastic card and get it over with.

Beaker Wine Glass

Simply because there is a specific glass for every nerdy occasion, a true biology geek whether it be a student, teacher or a full-pledged biologist must have the iconic Beaker Wine Glass from Periodic Tableware.

It is made of genuine laboratory-grade ISO/9000 3.3 borosilicate glass material, dishwasher safe and blends perfectly well with any lab equipment.

This gift is ideal for the classy but fun science nerd in your life, just add wine and observe how the party grooves.

Please note that each glass will be slightly different from one another since they been individually hand blown.

I make Eww to Ahh Microscope Vinyl Sticker

There are a lot of things in life that you can only appreciate on a magnifying lens, sadly this is something that only a few microbiology nerds know.

Raise awareness and let people know what they are missing out in the form of a funny decal like TheForestCloak’s I make Ewww to Ahh Vinyl Sticker.

The vintage-style illustration features a cool old school microscope paired with the catchy phrase in a typewriter font face. This 3.5-inch diameter sticker is printed on a 350 GSM 100% Polyester vinyl and yes it is smudge-proof.

Science geek or not, people need to know that there is beautiful life under the microscope!

Blue Bee Xylocopa Careulea Specimen

Impress the insect geek in your life with ScriniumDaffodils’ Blue Bee Xylocopa Careulea Specimen, taken all the way from Indonesia. This little wonder puts any preserved yellow bumblebee to shame.

The blue bee is encased inside a gorgeous glass dome that is about 10 cm tall and 6 cm wide, which can easily be opened by twisting its cork base away. It is presented with its purple wings spread and includes a cool handwritten vintage-looking label.

So you got some entomology blues?

At the time of this writing, the bees that are being sold were picked in 2018. Please note this piece ships all the way from France.

The science of biology is made up of different disciplines like anatomy, biochemistry, botany all the way to zoology. The number of subtopics that this general subject covers is vast and so are the products available for you to choose from. Make sure you pick the right one according to your recipient’s specialty. 

And that is a wrap for our list of cool gifts for biologists, biology nerds, teachers, and students. We hope that this list has helped you find what you were looking for, if not we still have plenty of recommendations down below.