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Gigantic shrimp for you to sleep on.
Cocktail shrimps are some of the most sumptuous delicacies in the world. They taste good no matte...
$25 - $75
Don’t get caught unprepared.
Escape from unlawful detainment by always making sure you have the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Ke...
Under $25
Portable card shaped razor.
Say hello to the Carzor, a mobile razor that perfectly fits in your wallet and will be your new s...
Under $25
Too hot to pass up.
Word to the wise, guys: be sure to keep a reserve of toilet paper in the freezer for this one. Ma...
Under $25
One giant Sega Dreamcast controller bag for the geek in you!
We have no doubt that the Segakawaii Dreamcast Controller Backpack is on the imaginary list of to...
$151 - $300
Sport perfect and crease-free collars, wherever you are.
For men and women who struggle with creases and crumples every time they go to work, the Collar P...
$25 - $75
Crisp and clean shirt wherever you go.
The way you look is always going to give that first significant impression that people will remem...
$25 - $75
Mini white board that you can wear.
Writing on the palm of your hands just doesn't cut it anymore like in the old high school days. B...
Under $25
Molded to your tush.
A typical men’s wallet can be a real pain in the, well you know. The Memory Foam Wallet solves th...
Under $25
Self defense in a cap.
Put on the Gotcha Cap and be sure that thugs never catch you empty handed. A hidden polymer compo...
$25 - $75
Add color on rainy days.
Don't let wet gray hazy days cloud up your mood. Be colorful and cheer up holding a Color Changin...
Under $25
Intelligent personal mobility device.
Riding the IO Hawk is a fun new way to move around town. This personal mobility device can carry ...
$1k - $5k
Giant pug head to keep you company.
People will have different reactions when they see you rocking your new 3D Giant Animal Face Tote...
Under $25
Show the TSA that you got nothing to hide.
Most infrequent travelers get paranoid over the fear that they’re being eyed during security chec...
$501 - $1k
Travel with your glasses folded.
Your extra pair of eyes are easier to bring along when it folds like the Retro Folding Readers. I...
Under $25
Dispense baby food one bite at a time.
Any mother knows that feeding a baby without making a mess is an extremely difficult task. Thankf...
Under $25
Soles that will get you going.
Although real men would never admit to it, getting yourself a little lost sometimes is sure as eg...
$76 - $150
Turn heads as you keep pink and dry.
Meet miss independent Flamingo Umbrella and escape the rain like a queen beneath this beauty. Thi...
Under $25
Pick your favorite flavor.
Add a little something special to your picks with the Flavored Toothpick Every Blend 6-Pack Set. ...
$25 - $75
Bring your own shelf wherever you go.
Having the ability to instantly see and organize all your clothes from your bag like at home woul...
$301 - $500