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Living & Workspace

Grow your plant from down the drain.
No space for growing your own plants? No problem. Just use the Hasui Planter, its creative minima...
$25 - $75
Light your home with flower power.
The Flower Filament Light Bulb is the perfect lighting accessory for your home specially if you l...
Under $25
Never lose a snooze by always travel with a luggage tag.
You're definitely going to need the JFK Throw Pillow by your side if you love to travel and often...
Under $25
Keep track of your reading with wooden bookmarks.
Say goodbye to those tacky and fragile cardboard bookmarks because the Olina Handmade Natural Woo...
$25 - $75
Classic Japanese gardening in a bowl.
Create your very own little Zen garden starting with the Eco Pochi Kokedama Moss Ball Pot. Don’t ...
$76 - $150
Everything is awesome table.
If you are a fan of Legos this item may be just your style. This Legotings Handmade Lego Table wi...
$5k - $25k
Write more naturally with a grass leaf pen.
They say that the best kind of writing is the one that is natural. And there’s nothing more natur...
Under $25
The most advanced password protection is old-school.
It is true that saving your passwords on a notebook that’s clearly marked as a Password Journal i...
Under $25
Mark your travels.
Adventurers and globetrotters alike are going to love the Go! World sticker poster, a cool world ...
$25 - $75
I want a pet cloud!
Since ancient times man sought after the heavens. Always looking up in the sky wondering about th...
$1k - $5k
Express all of your hatred.
You know how people write about all the good things they want to do and those feel good positive ...
Under $25
Color everything smelly.
Coloring is already a fun activity, on top of that add some nice tasty delectable scents! With 12...
Under $25
Bubbly light for a magical dining delight.
Chandeliers are a classy way of lighting your home, but there are cases where they can be too cla...
$501 - $1k
Mysteries of the Luiza.
When people see The Luiza, White Jackalope hanging on my wall they always get mesmerized. Followe...
$25 - $75
Ode to the vine.
Creating an engaging conversation piece within your home can be a challenge. The Barrel Cork Catc...
$76 - $150
Turn paper into firebricks.
Getting hold of charcoal or kindling for your fireplace can either be expensive or extremely back...
$25 - $75
Open up your front door with an acoustic guitar.
Do you always forget to lock your door because you just can’t remember where you put your old rus...
Under $25
Go green on light beers.
What’s a great way to show your love for the brewskis and helping reduce waste, while also gettin...
$151 - $300
Press on the right key.
A lot of people don't realize it but sometimes it takes a musical instrument to organize the diff...
$25 - $75
Tiny zombie in a jar, anyone?
Do you love zombies? Why not get one and put it in a jar? A tiny zombie, that is. This adorable t...
$25 - $75