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Gag & Gimmick

Hate mail for a classy girl.
Have someone who is passive aggressive? Gets on your nerves? Well, we have the solution for you, ...
Under $25
Plump your lips in seconds, no surgery required!
Normally, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars and a lot of painful surgery if you want swoll...
Under $25
Watch them run with crippling speed!
Who needs to bet on horses when you can bet on Racing Grannies? These old ladies will race to the...
Under $25
Watch your back without turning.
Always be on the look out and don't let anything slip you by. Easily see what is going behind you...
Under $25
Take note of your booze.
If you’re really into beer, whether it’s lager, stout, or ale, you’d want to document every singl...
Under $25
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.
If you want to sexy and cool (figuratively speaking) at the same time, you can spend the nights w...
$25 - $75
It’s the voodoo that you do.
Being in the voodoo cursing business is no joke. Competition is tough almost every other clerk at...
Under $25
Personality change with a flip.
Whether to take the morally high road or to wallow in the depths of depravity can be a hard choic...
Under $25
Give your computer a much-needed animal lovin’!
Who doesn’t love a cute little doggy? And who’s not going to love a USB humping dog that you can ...
Under $25
Ruin a person’s day in a professional way.
There are just so many unruly people that you will encounter during the course of your day that y...
Under $25
Motivation – the Pokemon way.
After passing an extremely difficult test or struggling with an equation, you sometimes want to d...
Under $25
The true trophy of a champion.
Show off your pride as you walk around town wearing the Fantasy Football Championship Belt. A tru...
$76 - $150
Nice on the outside raunchy on the inside.
Surprise your friends when they open your present wrapped in a Raunchy Wrapping Paper. On the out...
Under $25
Oh, the joys of growing a pet chicken in your home.
With all the talk of genetically engineered and unsafe breeding methods for poultry these days, G...
Money Can't Buy Me Love
Tan What will they think of next.. Classic!!! I want one..
Because words aren’t enough to show how much you don’t care.
Have you ever wanted to tell people that you don’t care, so much that words are no longer enough?...
Under $25
The power to shoot fireballs.
With great fireballs comes great responsibilities and greatness! Use the Pyro Fireshooter to dish...
$151 - $300
7 feet of inflatable magic.
Ever wanted a magical unicorn? Silly us of course you did! You can finally make that unfulfilled ...
$25 - $75
Take a nap anytime… Anywhere!
Dubbed as the "Best Public Sleep Product" by Chillaxation Weekly. The Nap Sack Sleep Hood doesn't...
Under $25
The underpants for your hands.
So you got one of those soft delicate hands that easily sore from even the lightest tasks. Don't ...
Under $25
Slap that bacon on that boo-boo!
Got an ouchie? Don't sweat it, happens to the best of us. But you should quickly put some Bacon S...
Under $25